Story to be Told


Story to Be Told Once upon a time right within these halls Full of cabinets of plans and heroic songs of hope Echo from the wooden wall, an anthem that I heard before – Before you closed the door Once we shared a sense of time Now broken clocks are all I find So where […]

The Kingdom of Yours


(Lyrics by Stefan Vieth – Translation by Sarah Werner) Shoreditch   Sold the king for some gold The jester has bolted himself in your heart. Hold your friends as they go Cause all that you wanted hides in your heart. And when the lights my friend Have burned till their end You will find yourself […]

Sigh at Night

Threepwood N Strings_Sigh At Night_Cover

Sigh at Night   Right between dusk and the end of the night When the dark is in charge Then you hear them sigh Haunted by lost ones And those they can’t hold Most of the time their desire clings to a thought Most of us been there And you been there too All obsessed […]

Mr. Jaywalk

Threepwood N Strings - "Mr. Jaywalk" Spotify Single

(Lyrics by Stefan Vieth – Translation by Alina Konietzka) Mr. Jaywalk   I wrote a letter miss-adressed Just on a whim I left it lying in my chest A vague script There is a sketch, there is a plan I cannot unveil Valor comes with pain Valor comes with pain Oh I just might not […]

Black Suits

Cover "Black Suits" von Threepwood N Strings

Black Suits I remember home Long ago, ago The smell of snow Falling down low And me next to you Never knew we were doomed If we’re all just like grass We rise and we pass What will last? Trees lost leaves Just like we lost believe Autumn has changed all I knew Years went […]

Light It Up

Light It Up - Single von Threepwood N Strings

Light It Up   Northern Star It’s way too far, the field of view confined You‘ve tossed away your telescope Your last remaining piece of hope I know your heart Know your heart‘s gone blind Tribute payed to all those unmet dreams But I will show you all those undiscovered gleams Good days are dawning […]